Camillo Caltagirone’s RealEleven aims to revoluzionize environmentally sustainable housing market

Clean energy and new modern technologies for environmentally sustainable housing, aimed to the widest public. This is the challenge set by Camillo Caltagirone, president and founder of RealEleven Group, a company engaged in investments in real estate and other fields in Italy and worldwide.

Born in Switzerland and raised in the Principality of Monaco, Camillo Caltagirone belongs to a family with a long and prestigious history in the field of entrepreneurship.

He has been active for ten years in the real estate area, that has always been his core business. He has also invested in other sectors, such as the promotion of medical and scientific research.

After having spent years in the Principality of Monaco, Milan, London, New York and Geneva, he founded RealEleven Group.

RealEleven, as stated in its official website, “believes in the opportunities offered by major and innovative projects that are currently being developed at global level in the field of clean energy, such as the Global Energy Interconnection”. “We believe – the website continues – in a connected world, also in terms of efficient energy use, from Beijing to Rome, from Berlin to New York, from Lima and Cape Town to Tunis and Ankara”.

RealEleven Group is committed to research in the area of construction-related development of renewable energies. “Energy efficiency is the first way in which we could respect our planet and better the environment, and a sustainable urban development can help us achieve the ambitious goals of Paris climate agreement, otherwise out of reach”, the website claims.

For these reasons, RealEleven promotes the spreading of an environmentally friendly culture at the global scale.


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